Day: May 28, 2024

A dog being gently held with its head tilted to the side while another hand is dripping an orange dye into the dog's eye.

Corneal Ulcers

In this episode of ‘Your Vet Wants You to Know’, Dr. Kristen Fischer, veterinary ophthalmologist discusses corneal ulcers in pets. Pet owners will learn what corneal ulcers are, how they are diagnosed and treated. Dr. Fischer gives valuable insights on what pet owners should watch for, healing times, and the importance of a rapid veterinary exam. This episode provides practical advice for pet owners on how to heal their pets’ eyes faster. Treatment options, including the use of topical antibiotics and the importance of the ‘cone of shame’ for prevention of further injury, are discussed. The “Scratching the Itch” segment concludes with an overview of other helpful (and adorable) protective eyeware.

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