How to Review the Podcast

How to Leave a Review Step by Step

Sign into iTunes

From a computer or non-apple device, open iTunes and sign in. 

Using an iPhone or iPad? Skip to Step 2

iTunes sign in page
your vet wants you to know in iTunes

Select the Your Vet Wants You to Know Podcast

Open the Podcasts app on your phone (or click below). Navigate to the Your Vet Wants You to Know podcast by searching for it using the magnifying glass.  Stay in the podcast series, do not go to an individual episode.

Ratings and Reviews

Scroll down to ratings and reviews. On the computer it may be a tab under the title of the show or down past the episodes. 

ratings and reviews
write a review

Write a Review

Select “write a review.” Select a star rating at the top. Use the top text box to write a title for your review and the lower text box to write your review.  Your review can be up to 300 words long.

Screenshot and Send

Before you submit, take a screenshot of your review and send it to along with your iTunes handle or nickname.  We love to connect with our listeners and know who you are.  

Hit “Send” in the top right.  If you do not have a iTunes handle or nickname it will require you to enter that after you hit send. 


Thank you for your support!

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