boxer chewing on chew toy

Dental Products

Dental chews? Raw hides? Bully sticks? Greenies? The selection of items marketed towards keeping your pets’ teeth healthy can be overwhelming. In this episode, Dr. Nicky Diaz discusses the Veterinary Oral Health Council recommendations for dental products that, combined with regular dental care with your veterinarian, can help keep your pets teeth healthy throughout their lives.

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dog holding a toothbrush


Has your vet ever asked you to brush your pet’s teeth? This episode’s guest, Veterinary Dentist, Dr. Amy Thomson, breaks down why toothbrushing is important, answers common questions about dental disease, and walks you through a step by step approach to help set up your toothbrushing routine for success and long term dental health.

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happy dog on the beach

Adventuring with your dog

Thinking of hitting the road with your pup? This episode is filled with planning and packing info to make adventuring with your dog as fun as possible while keeping everyone safe.

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bulldog outside in the sun

Heat Stroke

This episode is a must listen for anyone with a dog and provides the tools you need to prevent and save your dog’s life from heat stroke. For a pet left in a car when the temperature outside is 72 to 96°F, the temperature inside the car rises an average of 41°F within 30 minutes. 80% of that increase takes place within the first 5 minutes. Cracking the windows makes no significant difference, even on breezy days. Pre-cooling with air conditioning makes no significant difference. Dogs cannot cool themselves as efficiently as humans can, and the panic they experience trapped alone in rising temperatures worsens the already excessive panting. Certain breeds, like English Bulldogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boxers, or overweight dogs, are at a higher risk. Bringing your pet to an emergency vet as fast as possible will help save their life.

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Warfarin is an anti-coagulant rodenticide that causes rodents to bleed excessively and die. In this week’s episode, Dr. Monica Sterk, emergency veterinarian and Regional Operations Director with Veterinary Emergency Group, describes the risks behind rat bait toxicity and what to expect if your dog does get into this poison. Hear what happened when one of her patients swallowed a dead rat and there was a concern the rat had been killed by rat bait.

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Vitamin D

Green is not always good. In this week’s episode, Dr. Amanda Zetwo recounts her experience with her two dogs, Faith and Moses, when they happened to eat something they weren’t supposed to while out at a park one winter’s evening. Hear Dr. Zetwo’s harrowing tale of Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) toxicosis and what she went through to save Faith and Moses’s lives from this newer form of rat bait. Learn what you can do to protect your pets from this potentially fatal toxin.

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cat peeking over the table

Cat Toxins Part 2

We often think of dogs when it comes to pets eating something that can make them ill, but cats are at risk of becoming sick from exposure to toxic substances also. In part 2 of our series on common cat toxins, Dr. Christine Klippen, emergency veterinarian, gives pet owners advice on household dangers for cats to avoid, including essential oils, certain houseplants, over the counter cold medicines and more.

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Cat Toxins Part 1

Kitty cats can be sneaker than dogs when it comes to getting into something they are not supposed to eat. Their bodies have unique enzymes that may not be able to process common medications with which people and dogs have no problem. Certain plants, like lilies, are beautiful, but dangers to have in homes with cats. Dr. Christine Klippen discusses ways to keep your cat healthy by avoiding these common household toxins for cats in the first of this two part series.

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Dog Toxins Part 2

Do you ever wonder what toxic substances you should prevent your dog from getting into? This week’s episode continues the discussion of common dog poisons with emergency veterinarian, Dr. Christine Klippen. Listen to find out why you should keep your dog away from rat bait, antidepressants or ADHD medications, your other pets’ medications, and gardening supplies, as well as what to look for if you think your dog has gotten into them.

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Common Dog Toxins

Ingestion of toxic substances is a common reason for emergency room visits for dogs. One of the best ways for pet owners to prevent pet health emergencies is to be knowledgeable about common toxins in and around the home. Emergency veterinarian Dr. Christine Klippen discusses some of the most common toxins for dogs in part one of this two part episode.

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